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The Force Field of Resurrection

Thoughts for meditation from Richard Rohr "Once you know you are sharing in the force field of resurrection, you can always draw on it, live within it, and move out from it."2 Living within the "force field of resurrection" comes from the necessary suffering, or bearing witness to another's suffering, of the life and death pattern that Jesus embodied. When we step into the tomb and suffer the consequences of a "death," we exit the tomb with a new sense of self. This is the journey of the risen Jesus. This is the map of human transformation that gets lived out through the unique participation of those willing to enter the tomb. "The Holy Spirit is God desiring in you and through you—until it becomes your desiring too."3 God is already in you. Whether you are in the tomb or walking down the street, God is always drawing you closer to Divine Reality. This can be the hardest truth to integrate into your life, to recognize that sense of separation as false and to trust that God is working in and through you even when life feels like a battle. Take these following words from Fr. Richard and let them soak into your being. "The Crucified One is God's standing solidarity with the suffering, the tragedy, and the disaster of all time, and God's promise that it will not have the final word. The Risen One is God's final word about the universe and what God plans to do with all suffering."4 1Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond, Jossey-Bass, p. 143. 2Ibid., p. 144. 3Ibid., p. 147. 4Ibid., p. 148.

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