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Enneagram Personality Assessment

The Enneagram provides a typology of personality styles that enhances our awareness of how we perceive reality, process our interactions with others and the world, and how we present, or come across to others. It is uncannily accurate and gives clarity to who we are and how we operate in our environment and with others. It is primarily a tool of self awareness that facilitates progress in reaching counseling goals and self improvement. The more we know about ourselves, the more we understand ourselves, the better we are able to accept ourselves, our strengths and flaws, and move through stuck places. Increased self awareness helps motivate us to make needed changes.

The Enneagram is especially helpful in improving relationships, business or personal. Many businesses are using the Enneagram to improve teamwork because it helps create mutual understanding. The same is true in marital relationships. When we know each other’s “type” it is easier to accept some behaviors or attitudes we don’t otherwise understand.
Enneagram Personality Assessment
The cost to take the assessment is minimal, around $10 per assessment. There are a number of readily available educational resources that help explain the results and how to apply them beyond the counseling sessions. The information and wisdom gleaned from the Enneagram benefits us throughout our lives.

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