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Family Issues and EFFT

The family’s purpose is preservation of society. It is a vital institution for the continuation of human kind and for socialization of its individuals. It is where we first learn how to resolve conflict, experience emotional support, and live together in harmony and cooperation. The family is where we experience what it means to be loved and to love.

All families have periods of discord and discontent. Some families find it difficult to adequately manage such times, which can negatively affect children’s health and development. Many of the behavioral problems that young children and adolescents experience are rooted in a family’s inability to resolve such struggles and so family members feel disconnected or isolated.
Family Issues and Emotional Focused Family Therapy
Helping family members learn to create safe, emotionally connected relationships where each member feels respected and understood opens the door to clearly communicate struggles and needs to one another. This is especially true for the parent/child relationship. When this happens, a host of symptoms such as depressed mood, anger, anxiety, rebelliousness, withdrawal, poor sleep, eating disorders, substance abuse, to name a few, disappear. It is truly remarkable to see this happen.

EFFT or Emotional Focused Family Therapy provides a path forward for families to achieve these healing relationships. It is a version of Emotionally Focused Therapy, utilizing a similar approach, but within a family context. Like EFT, it is very effective.

Don Sizemore & Associates is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families restore, renew, and transform broken and disconnected relationships and overcome mental, emotional and physical struggles.

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