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Marriage Counseling

Effective marriage counseling will help keep your marriage together. In fact, the right kind of marriage counseling will greatly improve your marital connection. Many of us struggle in our marriage and most of us think that we can and should be able to figure things out for ourselves. This is our relationship after all and like the song says we can work it out. Well, sometimes we can’t and marriage counseling is necessary.

You can read about the kind of marriage counseling offered under the tab Emotionally Focused Therapy on the home page. Like any therapy or counseling it is necessary to make a dedicated commitment to the course of treatment. You will get the results you want from marriage counseling if you are persistent and consistent in attending sessions. Don’t give up on your marriage, effective marriage counseling can help.

Don Sizemore & Associates is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families restore, renew, and transform broken and disconnected relationships and overcome mental, emotional and physical struggles.

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