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Grief and Loss

Everyone will experience grief and loss at some point in their life. We lose loved ones; we experience significant life changing events like losing a job, going through a divorce, even children leaving home for college or the military. Almost any life changing event can impact you as a loss and an experience of grief occurs.

Most of us experience uncomplicated grief in these situations. This means that the experience of grief is what one would expect to suffer (like crying spells, periods of sadness and anger, changes in sleep patterns and appetite), but there is a definite and definable end to the suffering (usually 9-12 months) with a return to what is commonly referred to as a “new normal”. We are able to return to living our life much as before but with a continued awareness of what we have lost. We find a way for life to go on but with a remembrance of what we have lost.
Grief and Loss
Individuals who seek counseling following a loss are likely experiencing complicated grief. There are extreme situations of loss like the death of a child or death by violence that also produce complicated grief. The symptoms of grief are extended and exaggerated. It usually has symptoms associated with a major depressive episode or trauma and PTSD (refer to PTSD, Depression and Anxiety sections for additional information). These symptoms could include overwhelming sadness, episodes of rage, suicidal thoughts, inability to work because of poor concentration and focus, abuse of alcohol or drugs, feelings of detachment and emptiness. It is a very painful, lonely experience that destabilizes you and makes life very difficult to endure. Counseling, along with significant emotional support from family and friends, are necessary in order to overcome complicated grief.

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