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(Re)Creative Life


I have been on vacation and then catching up from vacation so I have not taken the time to write. My vacation with my family and extended family was rewarding and rejuvenating; it was a time of recreation. The word recreation is a great word; its spelling implies its meaning: to re-create ourselves, to give ourselves an opportunity to recover and restore. It is similar to the purpose of the Sabbath, to rest from work and enjoy creation. When God rested on the seventh day it was not just to stop working and rest, it also involved enjoying His completed creation.

Many of us, including myself, just stop working to rest. We do not usually remember to reflect and enjoy what our work has accomplished, what we have helped create. Most likely, we don't think of ourselves as one who creates. But we should. If we are made in the image of God, and I believe that is our fundamental identity, this means we possess something of God's power to create in us. And when His Spirit is alive and active in us, the power to create is magnified.

We tend to limit being creative to artistic work or new ideas and solutions but to create also means in a more fundamental sense to bring something (that is not currently there) into existence; to make something happen or give rise to something that did not currently exist. What separates our creative power from God's is his ability to create ex nihilo: out of nothing. We are creative from and with the "materials" we have been provided; God brings into existence something from nothing.

Maybe you are wondering how this applies to you? Maybe you do not think you can or have created anything or if you have it is not of much value. Please stop thinking that. There are two basic effects of our creative powers: the power to create something useful and good, or the power to destroy. We are either building something up or tearing something down. Jesus says in the Gospel of John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may life, and have it to the full."

Consider your life and what effect it is having. You are a force. You have power to create. What creative forces are working within you? Examine your actions, your words, and your behavior. Are they life giving or life destroying? Consider your relationships. If you are married is your spouse growing and thriving? Have the two of you created a full life or is your marriage falling apart? What about other relationships? Are they fruitful and productive? What kind of creation are you making of your life?

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