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Moment of Grace

There are moments of grace in our lives that we can witness if we are willing to ask, seek, and listen. A client of mine recently related such a moment in his life. He had come to see me because he felt stuck and frustrated with the behavior of his spouse. It is the kind of situation that often comes up in counseling where there is no obvious answer. If there had been counseling would not have been necessary.

In such situations I often make the obvious but not often relied upon suggestion that he ask what God has to say about the situation. I usually make this suggestion when an answer or direction is not clear to me either. So basically, I am asking for help. It is really nice to have God as your co-Counselor.!

This suggestion is not often relied upon because most people do not expect God to talk to them. Fortunately, this person does. He knows that God loves him and cares for him and will not leave him or forsake him. This is powerful knowledge. A person with that kind of faith is more in need of safe place to talk about their life than receive formal counseling. They often just need to be pointed in the right direction or reminded of what they already know.

This simple suggestion of asking a person of faith to turn to God for help opened the door to a perspective that my client needed. Because he believes that God does communicate with His creatures he was expectantly looking for a response. He found one and he was comforted.

His moment of grace, that moment or occasion when a power full of love and other and greater than yourself meets you in some profound way, happened for him while he was reading his Bible. It was in 2 Kings Chapter 6 where Elisha prayed for his servant's eyes to be opened to the presence of powerful allies surrounding their enemies. It is the difference of looking at difficult situations through the eyes of the natural or eyes of the spirit. My client was comforted with the knowledge that he has help in the midst of a seemingly impossible situation. This comforts me as well and I hope it comforts you.

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