We live in a troubled and confusing world that requires a solid, consistent and reliable network of relationships for surviving and realizing our full potential. The importance of relationship on our physical, emotional and spiritual being is something we intuitively know and understand. The author of Genesis stated “It is not good for man to be alone.”

We are relational beings and science is beginning to document just how meaningful and powerful relationships are. A field of study called Interpersonal Neuroscience is discovering, through research, the effect we have on one another’s brain. Reflect on this a moment; our being together, especially our significant relationships, affect how our brain functions. How well our brain functions determines how well we function.

There is this profound connection then, between how well the important people in our life have and currently treat us, or love us, and how well we are. Our marital relationship, our parent-child relationship, our close friend relationship, our spiritual relationship—are all significant relationships. Counseling may be one also.

It is a significant and effective relationship when it creates a safe place and develops into an interwoven relationship that restores, renews and transforms disrupted and disordered aspects of our being.

Don Sizemore

Don is a graduate of Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He and his wife Carolyn moved to Kentucky from North Carolina in 1991 to attend Asbury Seminary. He has been a practicing counselor for over twenty five years. He was director of the Wings Christian Counseling program at Charter Ridge Hospital and currently is Director of Counseling for Crossroads Christian Church and assists with Spiritual Formation and Direction programs and retreats. He and Carolyn have three children, Seth, Danielle, and Isaac.

Carolyn Sizemore

Carolyn is originally from North Carolina and currently a resident of Kentucky since 1991 with over 30 years of experience in Occupational Therapy. Working with Horn and Associates since 1999, Carolyn has a passion for helping individuals and families overcome obstacles to promote independence within their desired daily routines. Educational experiences have focused on neuromuscular re-education for neurological disorders, myofascial release techniques, clinical reasoning in sensory integration, cognitive activities for brain injuries, Masgutova neurosensorimotor reflex integration, and certification in the Interactive Metronome. Carolyn has worked in a variety of settings in NC, NJ, FL, and KY with clients of all ages, diagnoses, and challenges.