Welcome to Interweave! It is my wish and desire that my postings will encourage, educate, and inspire you to live more fully the life you have been given. I know that writing these posts will bless me and force me to put into words what I have learned from walking with people in their personal struggles. It is a privilege for me to become such an intimate participant in another life. Counseling, psychotherapy or whatever you call a trained and dedicated listener to the movements of an individual soul or the struggles of a married couple or diagnosing the presence of a mental disorders usually happens when people are the most vulnerable. And when we are vulnerable we are usually the most real and honest.

Being in a state of vulnerability allows us to be authentic. You know you are touching something solid, without pretense and ready to be known. It often means we have come to the end our attempts to manage our life on our terms. We are ready to listen and learn; to be influenced by others and maybe even by God. It is a great place to be and it blesses me to be apart of the experience. Great things happen in our lives when we are vulnerable and authentic.

May your day be full of blessing,

Don Sizemore, LCSW

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